Shipping policy

Shipping Policy

Our products are printed as soon as we receive an order. From then on we will ensure that the product is delivered to you as soon as possible. Usually the product is delivered within 4-9 business days, however, there is now considerable delays in international shipping due to the coronavirus. It can therefore temporarily take longer before you receive your order.

Our shipping consists of two phases:


This phase starts as soon as you place an order with us. We will then ensure that any personalized orders are adjusted for you. We print the product and ensure that it is properly packaged. This takes an average of 2-5 business days.


Then the product goes to the shipping provider. We ship worldwide and work together with many different shipping providers. These shipping providers are now seeing an increased delivery time, unfortunately there is nothing we can do to ship your order quicker. It is therefore possible that your order will be delivered later than the average 4-9 working days.

If you have further questions about your order visitthis page to go to the FAQ page on out website.