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We often see the beautiful contrast between black and white in interiors. The contrast is very clean and sleek and is therefore often used in modern interiors. but how can you make a black and white interior yourself? 

zwart wit interieur


A black and white interior is of course based on the black and white contrast. Often the walls are in a white color, which are combined with black furniture. The advantage of the light walls is that more light is reflected. This gives a luxurious, sturdy and spacious impression. 

Make sure to contrast the large furnishings with the surrounding colors. A large white cabinet will look great on a black wall. 

Also in the decorations it is important that you use the black and white colors come back late. This ensures that the decorations blend well with the rest. Now if you're wondering if that doesn't make the house cool or dull, then you don't have to worry about that. You can easily make a black and white interior warm and cozy. 

zwart wit huis

Are you wondering which walls to paint black and which white? Then we have an easy trick for you. 

Since black is a very dominant color that grabs attention, it is imperative that the majority of the interior is white. Assume a ratio where 75% is white or gray in the house and thus 25% black or accent color.

In a room it is nice to paint one wall black and then the other walls again in the light color. In the room there is a lot of attention on that one wall, so make sure you have a nice one here eyecatcher hanging. 

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For example, a beautiful eye-catcher in the black and white style is a beautiful one black and white poster

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Heat to black and white interior

zwart wit inrichting

You can add warmth to your black and white interior by adding fun elements that bring cosiness to your home. 

A fun and simple way to do this is by using lots of beautiful candles. Especially in the evening it is nice to have the candles on and thus give extra warmth to a room. 

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Another way to add a lot of warmth to a black and white interior is by using plants and flowers in your home. Beautiful plants in the house can bring color to the interior and give the house more life. You can also use colored flowers in a black and white interior, but make sure that it does not make the room too busy. That is what you want to avoid in a black and white interior. 

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Black and white interior combination colors 

The contrasting combination in a black and white house can also be combined well with gray. Gray is the neutral intermediate color that goes well with white and black. 

Gray is often used because black is a dominant color and attracts a lot of attention. In rooms that should not be too busy, you can use gray as an alternative. 

Zwart-wit-grijs interieur -

stripes and walls

You can also use beautiful accent colors, such as red, green, orange and yellow in a black and white interior. You can do this by choosing decorations with an accent color in it. Think of a poster with red accents or a few colorful cushions on the sofa. 

It is important that these accent colors do not disturb the contrast between black and white, so do not use too many accent colors and do not let the color come back too much. 

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natural elements in a black and white house

The black and white style can be combined well with natural elements in your home. for example a lot of use of wood. This wood color can also be a beautiful accent color. 

zwart wit interieur met hout accenten


You can have this wood reflected in chairs, in the steps and in other details. 

Not a fan of the wood color in your home? Then you can always paint the wood in black, white or gray. 

 With these tips you will know how to apply the black and white interior style in your home, good luck! 

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