What living styles are there

What living styles are there 

Do you still have doubts about which style you want to use in your home. Would you like to know which living styles there are and find out which one suits you, or would you like to know which style you have at home? Here we list 10 living styles that you can use in your interior. 

1. Industrial style of living 

The industrial living style is the most popular living style in the Netherlands. No less than 26% of Dutch households said in a survey by Veneta that they have an industrial style in their home. The industrial living style revolves around sturdy and natural materials, such as wood, concrete and lots of metal. The metal is often painted dark to give it a tougher impression.

Because this style is so popular, many variations are possible on this style. We have these variations here mentioned. 

Welke woonstijl past bij mij? De interieurstijl industrieel - Roomed


Apply living style 

You can apply this style in your interior by using a lot of sturdy materials, such as a beautiful leather sofa. This gives a cool atmosphere to your interior. 

 Woonstijlen: in welke woonstijl voel jij je thuis? Doe de test | vtwonen


Would you like a beautiful eye-catcher at home, then a metal cabinet is a must from us. A dark metal cabinet will certainly attract attention in your interior. 

Industrieel interieur en meubels - Makeover.nl

make over

2. Country style of living 

The rural living style is the second most popular living style according to the Veneta research. The rural living style is cozy and pleasant. In the country style of living, much use is made of warm elements, such as cushions, candles and plaids. 

Landelijke woonstijl & landelijk interieur - Buitenlevengevoel.nl |  Woonkamer landelijk, Woonkamer, Interieur woonkamer


Apply living style 

You can apply the country style of living by using armchairs in the dining room. These chairs give a warm rural atmosphere and are often very comfortable. 

 Ontdek jouw woonstijl! | Henk van Wijk | Woon- en Verfspeciaalzaak | Tiel

henk van district 

If you want to go more towards the farmhouse style, you can use rough sanded wood in your interior. 

De kenmerken van een landelijk interieur - Makeover.nl


3. Scandinavian living style

 Light colors are central to the Scandinavian living style. A color like beige on the walls is therefore a good choice. Furthermore, this is often combined with wood and natural decorations, such as dried flowers. 

 Scandinavisch Wonen - Nieuwe Wonen

new living

Apply living style 

A nice decoration in this style is a beautiful poster wall. This will give the most atmosphere if you use wooden frames and light posters, such as black and white posters

 2x een mooie posterwand zonder boren met Desenio (+kortingscode!) | Styled  by Sabine

styled by sabine 

In this living style you can decorate with dried flowers, but what gives an even better effect is beautiful large plumes of dried pampas grass. Especially in combination with light-colored wood, this will create a beautiful Scandinavian atmosphere. 

Pampasgras: De trend van nu! - Styling tips en meer- Stijlinge


4. Modern living style 


A sleek and simple design is used in the modern living style. A contrast is also often used, for example black and white. The basis of a modern interior is timeless, with sleek shapes and simple decorations, this interior will never be 'out of date'. 

 Binnenkijken in een modern interieur - Alles om van je huis je Thuis te  maken | HomeDeco.nl

 home deco

Apply living style 

You can apply this living style by using sleek shapes in your interior, such as a rectangular kitchen island with bar. 

 moderne keuken

You can also hang a beautiful modern work of art on the wall, this will also create a modern atmosphere. Think of geometric shapes or a simpler black and white work of art.  

zwart-wit poster

5. Bohemian living style

 The bohemian style of living is mainly about the use of color and the decoration. A nice rug with colorful posters  can already give a nice bohemian atmosphere.  

De Bohemian woonstijl - Nieuwe Wonen

new living

Apply living style 

You can decorate very well with rattan in this living style. A rattan chair or basket can be combined well with other elements of this style. 

 Haal de natuur in huis met de rotan trend - Boho Lifestyle Store

Boho lifestyle

Can you also use a lot of gold in this style? Do you like golden statues at home? Which can! Use nice gold decorations in your decorations in this style. 

 Messing in een bohemian interieur | Messing, Interieur, Huis


6. Vintage living style 

In the vintage living style, the old decorations are used in the interior to create a hip atmosphere. Old fashioned devices are being given a new look. 

 Richt je woning in volgens de retro woonstijl - Living Tomorrow


Apply living style 

You can apply this style by using a nice retro color on a wall in the house, such as 

 Retro: Modern zithoekje in oud jasje in 2020 | Interieur woonkamer,  Interieur, Groene muur


You can also decorate in this style with a vintage radio, if you don't have this you can score nice old decorations at the local thrift store. 

Pin van Akotee Akotwee op x | Decoraties, Kamer decoratie, Ideeën voor  thuisdecoratie


7. Botanical living style 

 The botanical living style is for the plant lovers. In this style, much is decorated with plants and nature is brought inside. In combination with robust furniture and natural materials, this gives the outside warm atmosphere. 

 Een botanisch interieur: deze items mogen niet ontbreken | Ik woon fijn


Apply living style 

You can decorate in this style with botanical posters. Green posters with plants and animals work well in this style.

 Haal wat groen in huis met botanische posters in je gallery wall - Roomed


A beautiful eye-catcher in this style is a plant wall, which you can make with wall shelves and hanging plants.

Planten in de slaapkamer? Ga voor een plantshelf boven je bed - Roomed roomed

8. classic living style

 The classic living style can be recognized by the luxurious renaissance atmosphere it gives. The style uses many dark wood colors and luxurious decorations to create an antique atmosphere. 

 Verlichting in verschillende woonstijlen - Makeover.nl


Apply living style 

You can use baroque prints or paintings in this living style. In combination with dark colors, such as brown or black, this gives a beautiful luxurious antique atmosphere. 

 Wat hang ik aan mijn muur? - KunstSpiegel

A beautiful luxury chandelier can be a beautiful statement in your classic interior. 

De klassieke woonstijl: stijlvol & elegant - Woonstijl


9. Romantic living style 

 Many soft colors are used in a romantic interior style, such as old pink or violet. Soft materials are also used in this style, such as wool and linen. So you can also use many pillows on the sofa in this style. 

 Romantische woonstijl inspiratie | Gezellige woonkamers, Scandinavische  woonkamers, Kamer decoratie


Apply living style 

You can easily bring this style into your home by using light colors in your home. In this style you can also combine many different light colors with each other. A nice original eye-catcher is different colored chairs at the dining table. 

 40x Verschillende eetkamerstijlen - Makeover.nl

make over

Also use plaids, other wool decorations or a nice feather lamp in the house with decorating. 

Landelijke hanglamp wit - Feather | Vloerlamp, Hanglamp, Lampen


10. Minimalist interior 

In a minimalist interior, fewer decorations are used to keep the room from being too busy. The base is simple and sleek and a minimalist interior often uses neutral solid colors. 

 10x de mooiste minimalistische interieurs - Alles om van je huis je Thuis  te maken | HomeDeco.nl

home deco

Apply living style 

You cannot use too many decorations in this style, but you can furnish a very nice wall with wall decoration. Think of a beautiful wall with photo frames or a nice poster wall. 

 Posterwand maken | Hoe kun je zelf een posterwand maken? | OSARE – Osare

It is important that you choose a fixed color palette in this style. If you deviate from this, the room will become too busy, which you want to avoid in this style. 

 Unieke binnendeur met minimalistisch design | NBD-Online

nbd online 

We hope that you now know which style you have in your interior or know which style you want to use in your interior. 

Would you like to learn more about popular living styles or decorating in different living styles? Then click on the links. 

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