How to make a industrial interior

What is an industrial interior?

An industrial interior is very popular nowadays, but what is it really? When is an interior industrial and how can you create an industrial interior yourself? We are going to explain it to you here.

There are many different styles for an interior. Rural, vintage, modern and industrial, are a few that come to mind. But what does an interior style mean? An interior style is a certain atmosphere with which you furnish your interior. The style you choose depends on a number of personal things such as character and taste, but also on what fits well with the house. For example, the location of your house can also influence the style that would best suit your interior.

The definition of industrial is "something related to industry" . An industrial interior will therefore look a lot like the inside of an industrial building, as the name suggests. An industrial interior can therefore be recognized by the factory appearance.

Coarse materials are often used in a factory, such as concrete, metal and bricks. This is often seen in an industrial interior too. By using these coarse materials in an interior, an industrial interior is also seen as sturdy.

How do you make an industrial interior?

So an industrial interior looks a lot like a factory. To give an interior an industrial look you will have to use coarser materials than you may be used to.

If you would like to create only a subtle industrial twist, it is a good idea to have some metal elements in your interior, for example. Think of a metal lamp or metal art.

However, do you want more than just an industrial twist in your interior and do you want to make it your style? Then you can do much more than apply metal accents. What you need to remember is that in order to create an industrial atmosphere, the decorations and finishes must have a factory appearance. This is possible due to the extensive use of wood, metal, concrete, steel and bricks.

Using these materials together gives a beautiful industrial atmosphere. Think of a brick wall, a concrete floor, wood accents or even better a wooden construction that is visible in the ceiling.

To keep the interior clear, you should choose a few eye-catchers, such as a large factory lamp, a steel dining table or a large industrial poster. Vintage items such as an old radio can also be nice additions to an industrial interior.

In an industrial interior, you often don't use a lot of colors. The common colors are black of the steel and metal, wood color, leather color and gray of the concrete. So won't be able to vary much with colors. However, if you still want to use colors, earth tones fit very well with an industrial interior.

In short, do you want to make an industrial interior. Then use a lot of coarse factory-inspired materials, such as metal, wood, concrete and bricks. Make sure you have some industrial eye-catchers and use earthy tones in your interior. Enjoy your industrial interior!

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