Why use posters in your interior

Why posters in your interior?

History of posters

Posters have their origins in the Middle Ages, where posters were used to communicate new laws and annoucements by the church. Later, sporting events were promoted using posters. A little later poster were widely used for propaganda and used for commercials. Today posters are used for political campaigns and other marketing and of course for interior design.

Poster old sporting event

Posters in interior design

Posters in your interior are very trendy. From graphic prints, to geometric shapes and inspiring quotes. But why are they so trending? Everyone has a style when it comes to decorating a house. Whether it is vintage or modern does not matter. The benefit of posters is that they can be found in any style and therefore also fit into your interior. Another benefit of posters is that they are fairly cheap, so unlike, for example a painting, you can regularly replace them with new posters and freshen up your interior.

Posters in your style

Posters are available in any style. For example, do you have a gray / black and white interior. Then this would fit perfectly in your interior.

If you have a more colourful interior, this would be a good fit.

What you want to hang on the wall depends on what your style is. Posters come in every style so it is guaranteed that one will fit your style.

What else to focus on?

People often choose to hang mulitple posters, this is considered a posterwall. With a poster wall, there are more possibilities to let your style come through in your interior. For example, if you are more precise in your style and you want your interior to be symmetrical, you could hang up posters in this manner.zwart-wit collectie symmetrisch

But if you are more playful and you want your interior to look less organized you could hang your posters like this:


In short, if you want a wall decoration that fits perfectly with your interior and you can also vary from time to time. Then a poster or poster wall is the perfect solution. We wish you a lot of decorating fun!

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