a Scandinavian interior in 5 steps

The Scandinavian interior style comes in many different forms, but the basis is often the same. For example, you can combine the Scandinavian living style with a modern style or with a light country style. We tell you here how you can give your interior a beautiful Scandinavian look in 5 steps.

A number of things are central to this interior style. The light impression in the interior, the use of wood in the house, simple decorations and sleek and simple lines and shapes. In order to use the style well at home, you will have to include these elements in decorating and furnishing. These are the 5 steps to give a Scandinavian look to your interior:

1. A light floor

A light colored floor in the house is very decisive for the atmosphere in the house. If you use a light color, more light is reflected and that gives a nice cheerful impression. You can have a very white floor, it will reflect the most light. You can also opt for a beautiful wooden floor in a light color. This will also go well with other elements of this living style. You do not want to cover this floor too much with rugs and carpets, because you want to let the floor shine. To give more attention to the floor, you can place nice decorations on it, such as a large print next to the couch or a vase with pampassgrass. 

Lichte vloer


2. Using wood tones

Using wood in the house is really indispensable in this living style. You can have it come back in many different forms. In the floor, ceiling, desk, cupboard and decorations. You can then choose to let it keep its own wood color or to bring a light atmosphere again by painting it white.

Scandinavian interior


3. Simple decorations

In the Scandinavian countries, simple decorations are mainly chosen. Decorations that do not attract too much attention, but that fit well in the light style and give a nice atmosphere to the room. To be the ideal decoration in this living styleposters. You can choose for a simple line art poster or a nice quote print to inspire you. The trick here is to go for something that has a white background so that it blends in well with the rest of the house. It is also very nice to have the wood tone reflected in the decoration, for example by using a wooden frame.

Scandinavian decorations

4. light walls

In the Scandinavian countries they naturally have long and dark winters. There is little light during the day and of course they want to make optimal use of the little light they get. By using light walls, the light that enters is optimally reflected in order to have as much daylight in. Therefore use white or light colored walls, such as cream, beige and pastel in this interior style.

Light walls interior


5. Open style

The design of this interior style is often very open. With a beautiful open kitchen leading to the living room, the space seems bigger than it actually is. This, together with the light colors that also make the room appear larger, creates the beautiful open style. So make sure that you have an open style when decorating thelivingroom and kitchen.

 scandinavian interior


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