What to do with an empty wall

Filling an empty wall

An empty wall is annoying to have around the house, it gives a bare impression and makes the room feel empty. Empty spots on the walls often occur above a sofa or in the corners of the rooms. It's annoying, so we have to do something about it. 

Decorate empty wall

To decorate an empty wall we need decorations. Of course, but what decorations do you want in your interior? 

To determine which decorations you can use in your interior, you must first determine the style of your interior. What style do you have in your interior? a country style, a modern style, an industrial style or a minimalist style with few decorations. 

You choose your decorations based on the style you have in your interior, so it is very important to know what style you have in your interior. 

If you know what style you have, you can look at inspiration based on this. You can use pinterest for this. Search for your interior style in the search bar and save the pins you like. 

If you have done this you have a list of inspiration, with this inspiration we can look for the right decorations! What decorations are there in the pins you have saved? Do you see a lot of posters in your inspiration, or a beautiful antique clock? 

Is there not really a decoration that you like but are you questioning between multiple decorations? Then we have 3 nice ideas for you: 

1. A shelf with nice decorations, such as posters.

posters on shelf


2. A cabinet containing various decorations


3. A great eye-catcher, for example a painting or a poster wall. 

black adn white posters


Now that you have inspiration and know what steps to take, it's up to you to tackle the blank wall! Also check out our website for more inspiration and beautiful posters. 


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