Art poster or painting

Buy an art poster or painting?

Are you planning to buy a nice decoration for your wall, but are you still unsure about what exactly you want? You have seen a beautiful painting, but are you wondering if you want it in your house? We tell you here what the pros and cons are of a painting and an art poster.

art poster

poster or painting?

A painting is often seen as authentic and high-quality. A large painting that goes well with the style of the house is very beautiful and certainly attracts attention.

Paintings are quickly on the pricey side, because there is a lot of time in making a nice large painting. Because paintings are relatively expensive, you will not alternate much with different paintings. You often only buy a painting once and keep it for a long time.

If you decide to buy a poster, you have more choice of different designs. This way you can be sure that you will find something that suits your style.

A poster is also a lot cheaper than a painting, so you can change a poster more often. Once you have a frame for the poster you can change the posters very easily and quickly. This is very useful if you want to change the style of the house from winter to summer or if you want to change the atmosphere of a room.

A poster is also available in different sizes, if you see a nice design, you can choose the size you want. It often doesn't work that way with a painting. A painting is in one size and this size can therefore be wrong.


A painting is often made on a higher quality material and therefore of higher quality. However, with a painting you will have to watch out for discoloration due to dust particles. A painting must be dusted regularly to prevent this discoloration. With a framed poster you have this less and a framed poster will last a very long time.

Are you looking for a beautiful art poster that can refresh your interior? Then take a look below!



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