interior colors 2021

interior colors 2021

Because we want to forget about 2020 as soon as possible, we will look at the upcoming color trends of 2021. Which styles and colors will return in 2021 and which colors can you use to make your interior 2021-proof? 

Are you planning to give the walls a new color? First take a look here at which colors are going to be very trendy. 

color trends 2021 

Gold in combination with black 

Dressoir Blackbone Goud | Richmond Interiors | Goud interieur, Interieur,  Interieur woonkamer


In 2021 we will increasingly encounter the color combination black-gold. This color combination has a very luxurious impression. These colors are common in a black room with gold decorations, as in the photo above. Would you like to respond to this trend? Then provide spaces with lots of black, black walls, cupboards, etc. Then decorate these spaces with golden decorations, such as lamps and candles. 

We also see many paintings in this style posters come up. These have a dark appearance, but also have many golden elements, which gives a luxurious impression.

Is this style something for your interior? We see that people often find this style very beautiful, but do not dare to take the step to create such a style at home. However, in 2021 more people will dare to make this switch. 

light colors 

lichte kleuren interieur

(shop the poster in this photo)

In 2020 we already saw many light interiors. What exactly does a light interior style entail? A light interior style uses light colors such as white, pink, beige and gray. Because these light colors reflect the sunlight coming in very well, the whole room has natural sunlight. That is why a light interior style often has a cheerful and playful impression. 

Would you like to create a light interior style? Then it is important that the walls in particular have light colors. By this we mean not only white, but also beige or light pink can give a very nice atmosphere to your interior. 


Woontrend: poeder pastel en zacht roze interieur | Woonblog | Interieur  woonkamer, Pastel interieur, Interieur


We often only see the pastel colors in decorations and smaller furniture, such as an ottoman. But in 2021, a pastel-colored interior will also increasingly appear. Especially the colors pink, mint green and yellow will return. 

In 2021, the pastel color trend will not only continue in decorations, but also in colors on the walls, rugs and larger furniture. 

black and white 

zwart wit interieur kleuren

We have been seeing the black and white interior style for a while. This style is often modern and minimalist. You use the colors for this style: black, white and gray. Would you like to create a black and white interior style yourself? Then read this article, which we created in collaboration with interior stylist Janina Bueno. In that article you will learn exactly how to create a modern black and white style in an apartment or house. 

light wood colors 

Moderne keuken met lichte houtkleur. Deze moderne keuken straalt door het  gebruik van het lichte h… | Moderne keukens, Hedendaagse keuken ontwerp,  Keukens


We will also see more wood tones in the house in 2021. These wood colors are a nice addition to another color, in the photo above, for example, to black and white. This addition of the light wood color gives the interior a durable and natural impression. 

Would you like to apply this color trend in your interior? Then you can do that very simply, the wooden planks and desks that you would normally paint, now do not paint:) If you would like more inspiration about how to bring the natural wood tones back into your interior, read this blog.

Botanical with dark colors 

Match made in heaven: velours en donkere kleuren | botanisch huis - Groen  interieur, Fluwelen sofa en Donkere muren

These interior colors are daring, but we still think that this combination will increasingly come back in interiors in the Netherlands. This color trend has arisen because more people have a dark wall in the house and at the same time the botanical trend is also becoming more popular. In addition, dark colors such as dark blue and dark green go very well with a botanical style. 


Grijstinten in huis | Wooninspiratie | Grijze muren woonkamer, Woonkamer  grijs, Grijze muren


This trend has been around for a long time, of course. We would like large furniture, such as sofas, in a neutral color. The first color that we often think of is gray. Gray is a very neutral color and therefore fits well with all other colors in your interior. Gray tones also reflect a lot of light, which gives a cheerful and playful impression. 

dark blue 

 STYLING | Ga voor de kleur donkerblauw in je interieur


The color dark blue has also found its way into the interior of 2021. This color will mainly appear on the walls. Especially when it gets colder outside, a dark blue color on the walls is very attractive. This color can have a very calming effect. We will also increasingly see dark blue on large furniture, such as sofas. Below you can see an example of this. 

Leren 3zitsbank donkerblauw


We hope that with this inspiration you have a better idea of which interior colors 2021 will offer. Let us know below which color trend you would like in your interior! 

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