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Modern Interior

modern black and white interior

The modern style is a popular style for apartments, but also for houses. The modern living style is simple and sleek. The basis of a modern interior is timeless, think of a sleek sofa and a lot of black and white.

A modern style is often chosen for the furnishing of apartments because it is very popular. There are many advantages to the modern style, for example a modern interior ensures optimal use of space. The modern style is often minimalistic, so an interior looks more spacious.

Also, a modern interior is often very light and you have more daylight, which in turn has many positive advantages. It makes you more vital and happier.

How you can create a modern interior yourself?

Creating a modern interior is easy if you use the right objects and colors. So we are going to help you with this. At the end of this blog you will know how to give a modern style to your interior.

Before you start decorating an interior or room it is important that you first create a mood board. Use pinterest for it or do it the old fashioned way, printing pictures. To give you good advice in this blog, here is our mood board. Your mood board will give you a better idea of ​​what you like. Your mood board can of course differ a little from ours, that is not a problem. It is mainly an example that helps you make choices in your interior. moodboard modern interior

Now that you have made a mood board, you should already have a better idea of ​​what you want. Then let's get started with the basics!

The basics

The basics of a modern interior consists of a lot of white, white walls, cabinets etc. In a modern interior, too, a lot of work is done with sleek objects.

Of course you have a little less space in an apartment than in a house. This is not a problem, because as discussed earlier, a modern interior is often minimalistic, so your interior is more spacious. This will make your apartment appear larger than it really is.

We start with the walls, as you can see in our mood board we will use white walls. White walls reflect a lot of light, giving our rooms a bright and vibrant look.

The colors that you will mainly use in a modern interior are black and white. You can choose a maximum of one or two accent colors for your modern interior. Colors like yellow and blue are popular as accent colors. Use the mood board you made. If you have a lot of yellow accents in your mood board, you could add yellow accents in your interior by letting it appear in your decorations.

For the floor, in a modern interior, a concrete floor is the best. Tiles could also look very nice in a modern interior, especially black tiles because they contrast nicely with the white walls.

Decorating a modern apartment

In an apartment you often have less space to furnish the living room. That doesn't mean you can't make it very pretty! It is all the more important in an apartment that you choose a modern minimalist style, because there will be more space in your interior.

We start in the living room. The living room is often the most important part of the house. First we look for a modern sofa. To stick to the colors of the mood board, we have the choice between a white sofa and a black sofa.

Modern interior

For the side table, we also have a choice between a black or white side table. The side table must have a minimalist shape. So a circle, a square, etc. We use next to no decoration on the table, because we want to keep it minimalistic.

You could also use plants in a modern interior, but because of the minimalist style you can't use too much plants to decorate. In a modern living style, less is more certainly applies when it comes to decorations. Of course you will use decorations, but they have to match the style and the colors.

In the picture below you see a white cabinet with black and white decorations on it. This fits perfectly in a modern interior. To shop beautiful black and white posters go to our Black and white poster collection 

modern interior poster

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In the kitchen it is increasingly popular to have an island, this also fits rather nicely in a modern interior! If you choose an island, this should also be in your mood board. In our mood board we have chosen a black and white island.

black and white modern interior

For all other rooms in the house, the bathroom, the bedroom, etc. it is important that you stick to the colors and the sleek lines. You get your colors from your mood board, black and white and any accent colors.

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This blog was made in collaboration with interior stylist Janina Bueno, / @jb_styling_interieur

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