How to create your poster wall

How to create your poster wall?

A poster wall is really just a collection of posters. So put up a few posters and you have a poster wall. That's true, but that doesn't make it a good poster wall yet. There is more to it. We help you on your way here to create a beautiful poster wall.

First of all, you need to determine the style of your own home, based on that style you can find the right posters for your interior. For example, do you have an interior with many gray tones. Then a black and white poster wall would suit the house better than colored posters. You can also look around on this website to see which style poster you like best and would fit well with your interior.

When you have found your style posters, you can go shopping in your style.

We recommend that you first write down the sizes you need for the posters. This way you know what you are looking for, for example if you have a very well organized interior. You can order posters in the same size, because this looks more organized and fits better with the rest of your home.

Osare posters

If your style is more playful, you can order posters in different sizes. This makes your interior more adventurous.

Playful posterwall Osare

We also recommend that you take a look at how it will look before you hammer the nails into the wall. This prevents holes in the wall.

Some more inspiration:

Look below for our black and white collection.

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