Decorating in different interior styles

Decorations for different living styles 

How do you decorate different living styles? If you are going to decorate, you naturally want the style in your home not to be affected, but to be supplemented. Below we will discuss the decorations for different living styles. 

Different living style decorations 

1. Scandinavian interior

The Scandinavian interior style revolves around light colors with natural elements. A lot of light is used in the Scandinavian living style. The different decorations in this living style also often have light colors, such as beige, white or cream. 

In this style you can beautifully decorate with natural elements. Think of wooden figurines, beautifully dried pampas grass or nice plants.

Een Scandinavisch Interieur decoraties


Other beautiful decorations in the Scandinavian style are light posters in a wooden frame. 

Scandinavische stijl decoraties

Here you can see that this can also give a nice Scandinavian atmosphere. 




2. Country style of living

The rural style of living is all about cosiness with lots of cushions on the sofa and a beautiful farmhouse atmosphere. 

In this style you can decorate with rough and sanded wood, beautiful soft cushions, plants and flowers, antique objects, large candles and beautiful vases. 

De kenmerken van een landelijk interieur -

make over

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 3. Industrial living

The industrial living style is tough and full of natural materials. In this style of living, various elements are often central, such as the use of iron, leather and wood or concrete. Also in an industrial interior style you often see a brick wall, this is a real eye-catcher in the interior. If you don't have this, it is nice to have a different eye-catcher in the interior. 

Different decorations you can use are a large industrial lamp, figurines made of concrete, smaller plants such as a cactus, and many different decorations made of wood, iron or concrete. 

industrieel interieur decoraties

 You can also use a wall rack to hang posters. 

industrieel interieur decoraties


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 4. Modern interior style 

The modern interior style is known for a minimalist style with black and white colors. The modern style uses less decorations than many other styles. You do see a lot of use of small plants, modern art figurines and many black and white posters or art posters. 

Modern interieur decoraties

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5. Botanical living style

The last style we'll cover in this guide to decorating in different home styles is the botanical home style. Plants play a central role in this style. Many natural elements such as wood, concrete and wallpaper with green elements. 

You can decorate in this style with, for example, a nice wallpaper on the wall, of course many nice plants in the house and botanicals posters 

Van deze botanische interieurs gaat je hart sneller kloppen | FEM FEM

fem fem 

A nice unique decoration in the botanical style is a wall shelf with plants 

Planten in de slaapkamer? Ga voor een plantshelf boven je bed - Roomed


We hope you have enough inspiration to get started decorating your interior style. 

If you have another question for us, you can ask it below!


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